Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loving lilac

Yes, I continue with my lilac obsession, desperatly seeking mauve and dotted tableware. There's not so many. The french brand Sabre offers the most complete range.

Their two new flatware collections are out : "Candy dots" and "Dots charm" :

They still have their lilac with big white dots dinnerware and their huge collection of flatware (from the melon spoon to the cheese cleaver). But on their website there's not lilac dinnerware left. For the dinnerware, you must go at Fraise des bois who has a complete range :

For the other colors, I picked a selection of purple and plum :

1- Dotted plum coffee cup (Freshness de Bruno Evrard Création) at Côté D'co
2- Dotted plum plate (Freshness de Bruno Evrard Création) at Côté D'co
3- "Kitchen" dotted purple salad bowl at Table et dépendances
4- "Kitchen" Dotted plum plate at Table et dépendances
5- Dotted purple mug (Freshness de Bruno Evrard Création) at Décotaime
6- "Kitchen" dotted plum cup at Table et dépendances
7- "Kitchen" dotted plum mug at Table et dépendances
8- Paper dotted purple plate at Polka dot market, specialized in party decoration supplies.

And at least, this beautiful plum drinking cup "By Sandrine" made in Limoges porcelain, hand-painted and embellished with a large platinum stripe, found at Décoclico.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mauve again

I picked in ETSY some dotted purple jewelry :

1- A pair of fabric covered stud earrings from Jessie Jewels.

2- A set of 2 spotty handmade lampwork beads to create your own earings or necklace. The artist Angela Gensch made them in her home studio in Sydney.

3- White spotted purple flower earrings at Simply Betty.

4 et 5- To design your own creations : felted round wool beads. Balls are decorated with seed beads. Found at Smika, with many other beads that look like cocoons. Very original.

6- Simple polka dot earrings at Live Oak creations.

7- An adjustable ring with a lavender & white polka dotted apple at Tizzalicious.

In a mauve period

I'm in a mauve period. Last time was in 1985 and I learnt how to dye all my clothing in mauve.
This time, you will just be snowed under my posts about violet, mauve, lilac... colour.
First, let's begin by bedding for everyone.

For grown ups, white dots on lilac bedding found at Becquet :

For children, dotted mauve quilt and cushion cover, at Zara Home Kids :

At least for babies, a lilac crib set at Diapers :

Monday, February 21, 2011

Double sided dotted fabric

I came across these sets of japanese fabric on Dawanda. I didn't know the existence of double sided fabric. I'm sure the experts in sewing will know what to create with these beautiful fabrics :

Carolina sells from Portugal in her Dawanda shop. She is inspired by Japan and you will find many others fabrics in her shop.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My own category

I've decided to create a category just for me. Well, it's my blog ;-)...

I love boxes : round, square, metal, cardboard... So, I'm beggining a boxes virtual collection.

This one is for those who like dots and dogs :

Avalaible at Zara Home.

Party time with Amy Atlas

I discovered Amy Atlas thanks to my favorite blog Decor8.

Amy Atlas is an event planner based in New York and specialized in dessert buffets. Her buffets are like paintings : harmony of colors and attention to details.

If you are too far from New York to plan a party with Amy Atlas, you must absolutely visit the blog and the website. You will certainly get inspiration from the hundred of photos showing her amazing buffets.

Little dotted fabric baskets

I found those Pakhuis Oost baskets in my town of Toulouse :

If you want to get them online, you can see them in a lovely shop : Nelly Pepper.
I's a shop dedicated to colourful and bright homeware. You will find for exemple very funky tableware like French Bull.

The Pakhuis Oost dot fabric baskets are available in small and medium size. And if you want a pencil case, a purse or a pouch, you can have one with the same fabric :


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beautiful object

No embellishment needed for this ceramic spotty carton jug.
Imagine it on a white furniture, in a white room, in a white wooden house :

You will find it in green and blue spot at Not on the hight

It's a Sorbet Living product. If you want it in red spot, go to their site :

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keep in touch

At the internet era, the pleasure to find a letter in a beautiful paper in your mailbox has become rare.
With this dotted stationery found at l'Atelier de Kitty, you could announce some good news but why not simply write a letter to keep in touch...

Envelopes, cards in bright colors but also these notebooks and stickers to enliven your stationery :

Monday, February 14, 2011

White dots on beige and beige dots on white

Sweet sleep for your baby with this dot bed linen : bumper, comforter, pillowcases, sheet, duvet cover. You can see the whole collection at Becquet :

And to match with this sweet bed linen, the coordinate bathrobe :

Like a doll's tea-set

No, it's not a doll's tea-set but really for us, grown-up girls...
Dotted tableware from Coppenrath to make your breakfast happier :

Tea or coffee in this very colorful dotted tableware and lets go for a crazy day in the tough world of work.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Berlingot private sales in pastel dots

The Berlingot private sale has been launched on The sales end on wednesday, february 16th.

A dot collection in a beige, pink and white palette :

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Berlingot private sales in coral tones

The Berlingot private sale has been launched on The sales end on wednesday, february 16th.

A dress, a cotton top et a set in white dots on coral :

Dotted Tretorn

I found the same for men but there are none left. Too bad for you, men, I'll search someting for you later. By now, I hurry to show you this pair of Tretorn because there's only one size left :

Go on Yoox to find them.

Spring tones for a girl's bedroom

Lavender, lilac, pink, lime green : a lovely palette of colours for a girl bedroom :

These dot sheeting and duvet covers are at Pottery Barn Kids.

I found pillows in the same tones at Zara Home :

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting married this summer?

The wedding countdown has started, and you didn't yet found your dress? Well, it was your destiny to discover it today on this blog, a dotted one of course :

Yes, you will be "queen for a day" but also, with this stylish dress, you will "be" Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, the time of an evening.

This wedding dress is the "Candy" model of the french designer Catherine Alhinc.
For the details, this dress is in dupion silk with embroidered grey/taupe dots.

If you love this dress but :
- you are already married
- you don't want to get married
- you prefer to look like a big meringue

you must know that this dress is also a cocktail dress that you can wear in any other formal occasion. Indeed, it can be worn without petticoat and if you choose the grey/taupe belt and the bolero, it is quite transformed and ready to be worn again.

To get this beautiful dress, take a trip to Paris in Catherine Alhinc's showroom. This model is available without dots in a range of 180 colors.

Monday, February 7, 2011

GreenGate in green

After "GreenGate in blue", here is "Greengate in green". A special green, quite soft but not insipid, to wait until spring colors :

You can visit its website to see the collections and the list of retail stores in your country.

The listing is not exhaustive so don't hesitate to surf on the web to find the best or the nearest store to you.

2 online stores that have a big collection :
Sisse Style scandinave

Sunday, February 6, 2011

In a retro style

A retro style for this Paul Costelloe dot jacket on sale at John Lewis :

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A restful white and grey bedroom

After attending a lime plaster workshop, I have a beautiful white and grey bedroom like in magazines...

It only needs the final touch : a grey duvet cover, a dotted one of course :

This one with silver dots is at Sylvie Thiriez.

With little dots at Damart.

It looks the same but no : this one is at Matelsom.

This one, at La Redoute is mixing stripes and dots.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I don't like dogs

Too bad for you : you would miss the "Laissez Lucie faire" accessories collection :

Certainly, the dots are mixed with dogs but we are not extremists.
And if you really don't like dogs, you can anyway visit their online shop : you will find other patterns, always in their offbeat style, both retro and modern.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A boiled wood polka dot coat

I came across this boiled wood polka dot coat on the blog of 3 french stores :

In black, at Impression Lin, a shop in Carpentras :

In purple, at Une fée dans la citrouille, a shop in Thonon :

In beige (and also black), at Bulgane, a shop in Dijon.

But in you want to find this coat in your country and in your town, have a look on the website of the brand Myrine and me, the store-locator page helps you to find a store near to you.
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