Thursday, March 31, 2011


For me, feminity in fashion goes with the notion of fluidity. In the "Eliane et Léna" spring/summer collection, I chose motion and tranparency :

"Eliane et Léa" is available online, only at "Place des tendances". The dress is here, and the top is here.

Draped in transparent yellow :

On the other hand, this model is not available online. The retailers are in France, in Belgium, en Ireland, in Nederlands and listed on the brand website (category "partners" in the women collection).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Always something to store

You guessed it, it's the same collection as the chairs. Same colours, the artistic effect of the simplicity :

Pop to La Redoute...

Spring chair cushions

I'm not going to write a novel about chair cushions. Those simply have beautiful colors :

Laid on a chair of the same colour, it's fresh and simple. If you like it, pop to La Redoute :

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back to the future

The latest acquisition at The little zebra is the red ball chair with white dots. Designed by the artist Finn Stone, it is based on the simplest geometric form : the sphere.

This chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It reminds me of the space look furniture of the 60-70s. It is comforting to see that interest and curiosity towards different periods and influences always underlie the creative process, without questioning the unique nature of a creation.

Also available in 18 trendy colors.

Of long ago...

If you like the shabby chic style, you will like this set of boxes :

You will find these beautiful boxes at "Ainsi soit fée", and also many dotted items.

In the same style, this set of boxes with dots of course but also beautiful retro papers, still at Ainsi soit fée :

And also, a set of 3 at Town and country :

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Under my pagoda umbrella

Failing to find a dotted raincoat, I went in search of a dotted umbrella. But not the common one : a pagoda umbrella. This umbrella has a very distinctive shape : the meeting of asian and european influences.

Shame on me I cheated : it's not a dotted one but with crystals scattered over the canopy. From far, we could say it's little dots.

This elegant umbrella designed by Lisbeth Dahl is available at Umbrellas 4 life and Town and country.

In the same style, you've got the "Chantal Thomass" black umbrella pagoda, also with crystals, at Brollies Galore.

I still have dotted pagoda umbrellas to show but not so beautiful as the purple Lisbeth Dahl one :

The red with white dots is at Victory Vintage. It is also available in pink, black or white.
The mint and the pink ones are also from Lisbeth Dahl available at Umbrellas 4 life.

Special bonus : you can't miss the black and white pinwheel pagoda umbrella. Rush at Umbrellas or at Five & diamond.

And to conclude, not pagoda but very colorful purple, pink or fuschia umbrellas at The French boutique.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Style seventies cushions

Why not embrace another style with big spots in very seventies tones on pillow covers ? :

It's handmade by Sarah from Essex in the UK. They are available in her Etsy shop : VeeDubz.

And, in the same style, with big big spots :

Still on Etsy, at Maries cosy cushions.

Stylish and chic little girls

I tried in vain not to succumb to spring-summer collections because it's not yet the right time. But I can't resist anymore to these fresh little dresses that pop out around me.

BBK collection have evocative names such as Gatsby, Scarlett, les malheurs de Sophie... :

The designer, Catherine Seixo, gets her inspiration from the beginning of the century kidswear and decorative art of the 1930s. The very style of elegantly cut models :

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweet tooth only

If you are a sugar addict, this is the tableware to emphasize your favorite dessert.

The first model, with the meaningful name "Eat dessert first", mixes dots with cake illustrations :

This unique tableware is from Rosanna's. In her collection, you will discover various models such as a set of plates especially designed for serving your favorite cupcakes, or the happy red dots.

The second model I want to show you is "Happy Birthday" : plates, mug, platter to gather people for any occasion even "an un-birthday"...

Packaged with lovely gift boxes...

Friday, March 11, 2011

And when the rain begins to fall

I don't want to be a killjoy but don't put away your raincoats, they still are in season.

Choose a spotty raincoat for your child, it will be even more funny to play under the rain :

In grey :
1- The trenchcoat IKKS
2- The wind-breaker in oil-cloth dots printed at Sucre d'orge

In red :
3 - The raincoat, the rain boots and the umbrella at Walzkidzz. (Walzkidzz international)
4- The Naf Naf parka with striped lining at Place des tendances.

In pink tones :
5- The pink raincoat with grey dots at Z
6- The raincoat with coloured dots at Z
7- The IKKS spotty trench at Melijoe
8- The pink raincoat and hat with big white dots at Everything but the princess

And to finish with :
9- The beige or framboise parka at Vert Baudet
10- The waxed purple raincoat at Du pareil au même

Monday, March 7, 2011

Totally retro

Do you know Les Cakes de Bertrand? If you like the retro style, this brand is for you.
No flashy colors but greyish blue and green with evocative names like paynes grey, celadon green or charron blue; with touches of colors like in black and white film colorization.

You, ladies of refined taste, will be interested by the collection mixing dots and elegant women on wallets, purses, bags :

Handful of buttons

What could we do with spotty buttons?
Create and be able to say : I dit it myself! And this with only a few buttons.
Take an old shirt of yours, a coat, and replace the buttons by spotty ones : and voilà... your shirt as turned in a fun and unique one.
And for the skilful crafters, make bracelets, rings, necklaces like Kraplap ones on Esty, who is an expert in button art, or create very colorful brooches like Polka ones at Notonthehighstreet.

If you have may ideas of projects, you'd better by packs of buttons :

The Stitch End proposes bags of 24, 72 and even 140 buttons in mixed colors.

Dizzy Izzy et Feltgirl are offering packs of 10 et 50 in a single color or packs of 20 in the color(s) of your choice.

Then, you have packs of mini-buttons at Overspill and another kind of button at Feltgirl :

You also have lovely bags of 50 spotty buttons by Titchables on Etsy :

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dots and flowers

I don't bother you anymore with my purple obsession. But I'll be back with sunny days ;-).

I found pretty tin boxes for my virtual collection : GreenGate tin boxes with dots and flowers. I thinks that dots and flowers are patterns that combine successfully, above all in the GreenGate Style...

1- The set of 3 blue tin boxes is available at Emil & Paula and at Marguerite & compagnies.

2 et 3- The tin flower shakers are from Loulou Addict and Emil & Paula.

4- You can see the set of 3 round tin boxes at Loulou Addict and at Rétrodéco.

...and of course, Originated who seems to have all GreenGate.
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