Wednesday, April 11, 2012

About dot linen fabric...

I'm not writing a novel about dot linen fabric but I have other pretty addresses to give you.

If you find it difficult to match colors and patterns, these shops propose sets of fabric mixing dots, flowers or gingham in beautiful shades :

Top left : at Unique Shiny
Top right : at Avenue 55
Bottom left : at Unique Shiny
Bottom right : at Apples and Eggs

Here are other bundles in shades of blue or pink :

Right : both 2 are at Landofoh.
Left : both 2 are at Unique Shiny.

Still linen and still dotted, in the same time bright and pastel colors :

The 2 of the top are at Sarah Hardaker. I talked about her in previous post about her dot linen bags available at
Bottom left, at Avenue 55
Bottom right, at Unique Shiny

And for the end, I know that some of you are desperately seeking for double sided linen fabric so here is one side strawberries one side dots :

Vous les trouverez chez Apples and Eggs.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's sew!

Do you have a project involving linen ? : rush on Cottonholic who is overflowing with dot linen fabric in sweet and pastel tones :

You can also find sets of fabric reform sticker :

and quilted cotton :

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