Sunday, June 17, 2012

In my french retro bag

Do you like dots and retro style ? : welcome in Marie's world , the designer of "Sac chose en son temps".

You will find in her store a range of bags and purses mixing dots and vintage pictures :


What a mess!

In magazines, cupboards are always perfectly arranged. In real life, it's where we hide the mess.

So here is your spring task : the big cupboard tidy-up. First, you can apply adhesive paper on the back and on the shelves.
The french store Pivoine et Tapioca proposes fuschia paper with white dots :

or turquoise :
You will find blue with white dots at  Articopop.

And if you like red with white dots, go to Articopop or l'Arbre aux souhaits.
(photos : pivoine et Tapioca)
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