Saturday, March 19, 2011

Under my pagoda umbrella

Failing to find a dotted raincoat, I went in search of a dotted umbrella. But not the common one : a pagoda umbrella. This umbrella has a very distinctive shape : the meeting of asian and european influences.

Shame on me I cheated : it's not a dotted one but with crystals scattered over the canopy. From far, we could say it's little dots.

This elegant umbrella designed by Lisbeth Dahl is available at Umbrellas 4 life and Town and country.

In the same style, you've got the "Chantal Thomass" black umbrella pagoda, also with crystals, at Brollies Galore.

I still have dotted pagoda umbrellas to show but not so beautiful as the purple Lisbeth Dahl one :

The red with white dots is at Victory Vintage. It is also available in pink, black or white.
The mint and the pink ones are also from Lisbeth Dahl available at Umbrellas 4 life.

Special bonus : you can't miss the black and white pinwheel pagoda umbrella. Rush at Umbrellas or at Five & diamond.

And to conclude, not pagoda but very colorful purple, pink or fuschia umbrellas at The French boutique.

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