Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When a polka dot meets a matryoshka

You dive in a happy colorful world :

1 - Key holders in Hadarling Etsy shop.
2 et 3 - Fabric covered buttons in Nerverland Etsy shop.
4 - The brooch in Sew Realicoul Etsy shop.
5 - The pouch/pencil case in Hand made with joy Etsy shop.
6 - Doll buttons in Miss Apporo Etsy shop.
7 - The card-holder in Caro Fil's shop at A little market.

You can even sleep in polka dots and matryoshkas :

1 - Kids bedding at Les 3 suisses.
2 - A crib bumper set in Bouji and Nouna Etsy shop.

And why not some fabric to create your own stuff :

1 - The blue fabric in She's living la vida loca Etsy shop.
2 - The pink fabric in Beautiful work Etsy shop.
3 - The white fabric in Emi craft in japan and Fabric supply Etsy shops.


  1. Thank you so much for including us!
    Unique Like a Baby - bouji & nouna

  2. You're welcome... A interesting shop to visit regularly...

  3. I. too, an dot-obsessed and JUST foudn your blog and I am loving it!

  4. Theresa, I'm glad to welcome another dot-addict...

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't take it! I just saw this post because I was looking for matryoshka elements for my adopted daughter from Russia. The bedding at les 3 Suissess is exactly what I am looking for. Do you have any idea how to buy off of their site when you live in the US?

  6. Hi Kelsey,
    I sent a mail to Les 3 suisses to ask if they deliver in the US, but I'm sure they don't : you can see on their website which country they deliver and there isn't the US flag... Let's wait for their answer...


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